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  • Discover Exotic Komodo Island

    Komodo Island is an isolated piece of land, some 400 km from Bali, a popular Indonesian tourist destination. It is easily one of the richest marine environments of the world. The stunningly enchanting islands attract tourists in large numbers round the year with its sandy and pristine beaches and exciting diving facilities. It is easily the best dive site in the world with marine diversity at its peak. There are excellent travel facilities if you want to explore this enthralling piece of blue lagoon.

  • Komodo National Park

    Komodo National Park is a unique biosphere which is considered by many as the very epitome of natural beauty. The Park includes three main islands, Komodo, Rinca and Padar and many smaller islands spread over a distance of 600 square kilometers of land. Undoubtedly, the main attraction here is the world’s only real dragons. There are around 1,100 of these giant lizards living on these volcanic islands. Their appearance and aggressive demeanor has led to them being called ‘Komodo Dragons’.

  • Komodo Dragon Explorer

    Komodo is the largest species of lizard alive on earth and are seen as alert and agile predators and scavengers. They are one of the main attractions of Komodo Park. The endangered species live on islands between Sumbawa and Flores. The dragons, which are in fact monitor lizards, grow up to ten feet long. They may appear to be lazy and lumbering but are surprisingly fast for their size and can outrun humans. The site of these powerful beasts in the prehistoric islands is what attracts tourists in droves from all over the world to these islands.

  • Komodo Islands Underwater World

    Komodo Islands presents an amazing sight but the underwater world below the sea represents a different world altogether. The sea hides a unique range of ecological and biological miscellany which is specific to this part of the world. The undersea life is vibrant and colorful with its thick carpet of corals that are florescent in nature and some truly unique and rarely seen marine invertebrates. The place is literally an underwater photographers dream come true beyond their wildest expectations.


2 Days Rinca Island Package Tour

The 2 Day/1 Night tour of Rinca Island packs in far more than you could imagine. Enjoy boat ride from the harbor, trek among the deer, buffaloes, and pigs and of course Komodo dragons and go swimming and snorkeling.

3 Days Kelimutu Colored Lake Trails

The Kelimutu Colored lake Trails is a great way to see Mt. Kelimutu and its pictorial and soothingly colored lakes and captivating sunrise. The experience at Sikka weaving village is indeed unique.

Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Enjoy the greatest diving experience of your life at rates that fits into your budget. There are many exciting liveaboard programs to choose from and enjoy some truly enchanting times.
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  • Komodo Adventure Tour Package on Local Boat Komodo Adventure Tour Package on Local Boat
    A thrilling experience awaits you on the adventure tour package by boat. The local boat accompanied by a local ranger will help you explore areas you never knew existed.
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    You can enjoy the serene sea and the rustling nature and even go scuba diving to have the time of your life with the various packages offered by the hotel.
  • Komodo Scuba Diving Package Komodo Scuba Diving Package
    Komodo scuba diving is unsurpassed and easily matches the best of the world in terms of marine life diversity and of course the enthralling experience.
  • Komodo Live Aboard Diving Komodo Live Aboard Diving
    Komodo live aboard diving takes you to places where incredible scenery and an unbelievable marine experience await you. Safety and service are taken care of too in adequate measures.

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